Shelley Radovich

Figments of Imagination


Art print of a painting of queen Isabella of Portugal.

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"Isabella" was partly inspired by a portrait of queen Isabella of Portugal painted by Titan in 1548. I painted her with a grisaille technique; the first coat, black, white and gray; the top coats, glazes of color. To me, she hears the voices of the wind in the trees behind her as it whistles down the valley to the towers on the right.

The original painting of Isabella was created in 2011. This 2011 signed limited edition art print, 1 of 6, measures 7-1/2 inches wide and 9-1/2 inches high, and is matted. This piece will be flat-shipped.

     $65.00 USD - Isabella - 2011 Signed Art Print, 1 of 6
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     $65.00 USD - Total